House concerts

Over the last couple of years Dan has performed a number of house concerts around the world. He has found these occasions some of the most moving experiences of his life and has been extremely touched by the warmth and generosity of both the hosts and their guests.
If you would like to be a host to Dan in your home or venue, or would simply like to ask some questions about his house concerts please send an email to –

This intimate surrounding is the perfect way to experience this musician’s work, songs and stories behind them. Dan touched the hearts of all of us and left us in a better place.
– Gerard Mcnamee (Sweden)

Dan’s performance was amazing, so full of warmth, spirit and emotion. I was so proud for my Son, Ryan, when he played along to Rainbow Child with Dan. It was an evening I will never forget.
Andrew Brown (England)

Dan Reed House Concert”Dan touches/affects everyone in some way, either politically or musically. My first live experience of Dan he played with his band the Network 20 years ago and totally blew me away! What amazes me more is that just him and the acoustic guitar blew me away equally and my guests as well. I don´t think anyone expected his intense BEING in that room! A person’s Music, lyrics and performance that are all uniquely ‘him’.
– Beatrice Iggström (Sweden)

There are House Concerts and then there are Dan Reed house Concerts. This was the best House Concert ever, I cant wait for the next one. So much love and energy in the room.
– Janette Brown (England)

Dan Reed House Concert”For those of us that were long time fans of Dan it was a treat and a privilege to host him in our home and share his stunning voice, memorable lyrics and engaging personality with our friends. It was wonderful to hear the stories behind the songs and get a sneak preview of musical treats to come. Dan’s music is beautifully suited for this intimate type of concert and as one friend said “at a house concert you are always guaranteed a great seat and an autograph.” We can’t wait for his return.” – Cathy Paukert (US)

Dan Reed in the living room. A unique concert experience. My friends will talk about this for long time, we had a fantastic evening filled with laughter, some tears (yes, really) and warmth. A fantastic artist and a wonderful person. You are welcome to our home at any time. Let’s do this again soon!
– Eleonor Cserpes (Sweden)

It was an amazing experience to have Dan perform in our front room. The best gig we’ve been to and it was in our house! Dan performed an electrifying and emotive set…solo, acoustic and unplugged…incredible.
– Graham and Caroline (Scotland)

Dan Reed House Concert”Out of the all the small and large concerts and gigs I have been to, seeing Dan Reed play an intimate private house show was the best I’ve ever seen. The vibe, his voice and the intimacy just made the whole night special. It was an incredible night, one not to soon forget.
– Laura Carley (England)

Dan Reed Network had been heroes of ours growing up since we were 16 years old. Dan was the ‘rock God’ from that huge poster on Kay’s college room wall. Here we all were 20 years later in the most unimaginable set of circumstances and it was something truly magical. The old DRN songs rang out like new. Beautifully adapted to the acoustic performance. The rock star mystique of our teenage years was slowly being replaced by a deep respect and understanding of a man’s life through his musicianship and his inspirational and thought provoking story telling. It was nothing short of breath taking. If you are thinking of having a House Concert with Mr Reed, stop. Just do it. You’ll treasure it for the rest of your days!
– Gavin & Kay Duffy – Scotland

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